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Unlike many concierge practices that serve between 300 to 600 patients/doctor, ours is intentionally limited to just 150 total patients. This ensures that we can dedicate our full attention to providing you with the highest quality of care.

  • Access Dr. Shapiro directly through text, anytime, 24/7, without intermediaries like a front desk, nurse, or phone app.

  • Consistently see the same doctor every time, rather than being assigned to whichever provider happens to be available.

  • Appointments are meticulously scheduled to ensure zero wait time and complete privacy, allowing you to have the office all to yourself during your visit.

  • Comprehensive annual preventive health evaluations

  • Advanced testing options for early detection of diseases  

  • Dr. Shapiro, along with his wife/office manager Lauren, and mother-in-law Sharon, personally coordinate every aspect of your care. Dr. Shapiro is intricately involved in every step of your care, ensuring a highly organized process

  • House calls on a case by case basis

  • We handle all scheduling for labs, imaging, specialists, so you don't have to wait on hold.

Annual Membership Fee

  • $2,500 for Ages 12 - 35 

  • $4,500 for ages 36 - 74

  • $8,500 for ages 75+

  • $12,000 if patient is in nursing home, assisted living, memory care etc

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